Univers Type Brochure


In our first typography class at NIU, we were tasked with designing a five-spread brochure for a typeface we were assigned. For this brochure, the focus is on Adrian Frutiger’s Univers. Frutiger designed the typeface with the use of a grid, so that became a prominent theme in the design of the brochure. Being confined to using just this typeface throughout the entire brochure, it proved a challenge to solve issues with the overall hierarchy of the brochure and the main body text of my research. The Univers typeface comes with a vast array of different weights and styles, therefore that was taken advantage of in the design process. Because it is a wider sans serif typeface than say, Helvetica, getting the sizing and spacing just right was a challenge. In the end, the type size had to be adjusted accordingly to allow for good readability.