NIU was doing an adaptation of the play Eurydice, the story of a girl who has to choose between her love for her husband or her father. Her new husband dies and goes to the underworld and she made the choice to go down there after him. However, once you’re down there you start to forget all of your memories. Out of grief for the death of his daughter, her father goes down there to try to bring her back. It is this dilemma that drives the story, the choice to stay with her husband in the underworld despite knowing she will forget everything, or go back and live out her days with her father who she loves.

I knew the representation of life and death would be important. In the play she refers to her father as a tree, someone who is strong and sturdy who would give her shade on a hot day. One constraint I had while making this project was that I had to use fragmentation to design the required materials. To do this I took two pictures of two trees, one living and one dead, and position them in a way that made it look as if it were one tree. Then I used the title “Eurydice” to split the tree down the middle to indicate that she is torn between the two worlds.



All photography obtained via Adobe Stock.