NIU VisCom Senior Show 2019

Towards the end of every year for the Senior Visual Communication students, a showcase is held in Chicago to show off all of our work. It is the job of the students to come up with a design for the event. This year, after much consideration, the class decided to work with wood-type for the design. Each of us pitched our design ideas, but mine and one other student, Luke Pietrzak, got chosen. We decided to join our two ideas and make a small series for the event.

After refining our designs created from Hamilton wood-type fonts digitally, we gathered the materials and I used a laser cutter to create stencils of each layer of our pieces that would be inked. Once that was complete, we mounted these stencils onto wooden boards and then began inking them. The end result is what is seen below.

Secondary print by Luke Pietrzak: