Mr. Meats Butcher & Catering Co.


Originally named the Country Store & Catering, a small butcher and catering company in Sycamore, IL was renamed to Mr. Meats Butcher & Catering Co. to better tie the name in with the overall company. When thinking about the original name of the company, it didn’t do a good job of explaining what the company is all about. Mr. Meats is a name that the owner goes by within the community, so this is a much more focused name.

The Country Store was chosen as my senior project for a total rebranding because they needed it. Although they are a successful company within the community, their reach could be much wider if they had a more established brand. The only sense of branding that they really have is a logo and a repeated red and white checkered pattern which wraps around the whole building. This pattern was brought into the new brand design to connect it with who they are now.



All photography obtained via Adobe Stock.